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Our three pillars

European Union Project Management

Giving a bottom-up approach, which, through direct involvement with young people, migrants, researchers, is an strategic element for us!


It constitutes a valuable asset since it gives us a first-hand knowledge of the fields in which ECEPAA is particularly involved.


Acting to transform our projects in policy recommendations to relevant policy makers through open and transparent advocacy activities.

The European Centre for Economic and Policy Analysis and Affairs (ECEPAA) is a Belgian non-profit organization specialized in the fields of:






Culture and social inclusion

About us

The European Centre for Economic and Policy Analysis and Affairs (ECEPAA) is a Belgian non-profit research organization founded in 2011. It is specialized in the development of European Union projects in the fields of social inclusion, education, youth and migrant. The association, thanks to the use of funding from different programs, aims to contribute to the knowledge of topics related to social exclusion, the persistent difficulties of the marginalized population due to economic, cultural, class, race and gender reasons. We are aware that sharing this knowledge through a bottom-up approach can contribute to a better management of the above mentioned issues. The association is organized on a voluntary basis and is governed by a board composed of three people.  

Our Team

Our group is formed by qualified young professionals, experts and trainees with multidisciplinary skills. Each one of us provides an added value to the team.


I am a senior specialist in policy areas such as African institutions, migration, employment, education, labour markets, and youth with migrant backgrounds. I have managed European projects since 2000 and I have also researched on migration issue extensively.

Gabriele Sospiro
Co-founder and current director

I am a Ph.D in Social Sciences, having planned and worked on several projects funded by the EU while having also carried out multiple researches on the migration phenomenon. I have authored and co-authored several articles and books related to the migration issue.

Vittorio Lannutti

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