Project objectives

The project aims to achieve the following objectives:

1. To contribute to increased cooperation and innovation in promoting inclusion and diversity at organization level and

policies in the field of education and training;

2. To promote the exchange of practice on how foster refugees inclusion in the participating organizations and the local

educational community levels in order to tackle learning disadvantage;

3. International and local workshops to share the result.

Activities to implement

1. Review the whole-school approach in order to focus on refugee needs;

2. desk research on potential best practices already identified on refugees’ integration in general and with Ukrainian

refugees in particular at Eu level;

3. an international workshop and 4 local workshops to be held in Belgium, Italy, Greece and Czech Republic;

4. the communication activities to disseminate the project.

Project result

The project will have to main project results:

1. pedagogical support tool (PST) that is based on the whole-school approach to foster refugee integration;

2. best practices document (BPD) that has mapped some best practices on the refugee integration with particular attention to the recent Ukrainian one at Eu and local levels