In the historical town of Rakovník, Czech Republic, a pivotal gathering is on the horizon. The FEEL project (Fostering refugEEs incLusion) proudly announces its international workshop slated for April 22nd to 26th, 2024, targeting the seamless integration of refugees, with a spotlight on educational integration.

The FEEL workshop represents a significant stride towards redefining refugee education and integration methodologies. Centered around the Whole School Approach (WSA), this event is tailored to provide educators, policy advisors, and integration specialists with advanced insights and methodologies to cultivate a nurturing and inclusive environment for refugees, with a special emphasis on the recent Ukrainian crisis.

Held at Střední průmyslová škola Emila Kolbena in Rakovník, this workshop is poised to be a hub of innovation and shared knowledge. Participants will delve into a range of critical topics, from mitigating language barriers and addressing mental health concerns to fostering community engagement and enhancing educational practices for refugees.

Foto di Tina Hartung su Unsplash

Chosen for its rich cultural heritage and communal spirit, Rakovník stands as an ideal location for this event, symbolizing the unity and collaboration necessary for effective refugee integration. This setting will not only provide a conducive environment for learning and discussion but also reflect the community-driven approach central to the FEEL project’s mission.

Join us in Rakovník – where education meets inclusion, and every interaction is a step towards a more integrated future.

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