From 5th to 6th of October, 2022 the consortium of the YOUCAN project has met in Milan (Italy) for the second Transnational Partner Meeting (TPM).

The consortium of the YOUCAN project is formed by the following partners:

YOUCAN (Youth with migrant drop-out tackling: capacity building) is a KA2 Erasmus project co-funded by the European Union, and its aim is to contribute to triggering the modernisation and to reinforcing the response of education, training systems and youth policies considering the main challenges provided by the migrant youth school drop-out and social exclusion, by building the capacity of the consortium to work transnationally and with a cross-sector approach.

To achieve that, it introduces some innovative features such as:

  • the objective of making the consortium apply to fundings other than European ones;
  • the diversity represented by the participating organisations/entities, coming from and acting in different fields such as youth, economics, policies, migrants – thus being cross-sectorial.

2nd Transnational Partner Meeting

The 2nd Transnational Partner Meeting has happened in Milan (Italy) in October 2022. The association in charge of the event’s organisation and management was Associazione di promozione sociale Joint.

On the first day of the event, the consortium has been reviewing the work done so far, discussing the results achieved, and the further steps to be taken, hosted in the headquarter of Associazione Joint in Milan.

On the second day, the partners had the chance to visit different local realities that deal with migrants, refugees and young people with a migrant background.

CivicoZero Milano

The partners met with CivicoZero Milano, that presented the activities they carry out with unaccompanied foreign minors, as for example giving them legal support, language training, and an overall help with practical issues, to encourage social integration and provide a safe space for them to flourish.

The social cooperative CivicoZero was established in 2011 in continuity with activities carried out since 2008 with a Save the Children Italy project. It activates individualised pathways aimed at real social inclusion, through pedagogical, legal and psychological assistance for all young people who are socially marginalised, deviant and at risk of exploitation.

The cooperative, through its consolidated network of stakeholders and territorial network, represents a reality in close connection and collaboration with all the public and private actors that make up the reception and integration system, and works constantly to contribute to the improvement of the taking in charge and the construction of integration and autonomy paths for young people.

Cooperativa Sociale Tempo per L’Infanzia

The participants have been also visiting and learning from Cooperativa sociale Tempo per l’infanzia, a cooperative that carries out activities to prevent social hardship and early-school leaving, to implement support and guidance skills for young people in a complex society.

The Cooperative Tempo per l’Infanzia is a recognised reality in the area and is well established in its services of promoting the well-being of minors, supporting parenting, training for social workers and teachers, and environmental education. The Cooperative’s activities are aimed at preventing social discomfort and school drop-out, at implementing the support and orientation skills of children in a complex society, at stimulating the potential of reference adults, the creativity and resources of the entire educational context (family-school-territory), at refining the listening and response methods of the environment to the needs of the younger generations, at disseminating forms of active citizenship, and at social and environmental sustainability.


Next step was Migrantour, a European network of migrant driven intercultural routes to understand cultural diversity, to foster the integration of citizens of foreign origin in the involved cities by promoting mutual understanding and respect.

The cities of the Migrantour network offer intercultural urban walks designed and led by citizens of migrant origin. A zero-mile responsible tourism experience to better understand the role of migration in the transformation of European societies. An invitation to travel, meet and reflect on the value of diversity and dialogue.

The partners have been thus visiting Via Padova in Milan, which is part of the Migrantour project, thanks to its intercultural richness.