The FEEL project (Fostering refugEEs incLusion)  represents an ambitious initiative aimed at promoting organizational inclusion and diversity, with a particular focus on policies in the education and training sector. This commitment materializes through a holistic approach that encompasses various targeted activities.

Firstly, a comprehensive review of the approach of the involved schools is planned, with the goal of focusing on the specific needs of refugees. This review will be guided by thorough research on best practices already identified for refugee integration, with particular attention to the situation of Ukrainians at the European level.

A crucial element of the project involves organizing international and local workshops in Belgium, Italy, Greece, and the Czech Republic. These meetings will not only facilitate the exchange of effective practices but will also contribute to addressing challenges related to refugee inclusion. Interaction among participants will be fundamental in creating a knowledge network and implementing shared strategies.

The heart of the FEEL project lies in the creation of a Pedagogical Support Tool (PST), based on the holistic school approach. This tool is designed to promote the integration of refugees, considering crucial aspects such as individual skills, the school’s physical and social environment, school policies, health and social services, and community connections. Simultaneously, the project aims to produce a Best Practices Document (BPD) that maps refugee integration experiences, with a particular focus on the Ukrainian situation.

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The Four Work Package Phases of the FEEL Project for Refugee Inclusion in the Education System

The FEEL project is divided into four work packages, including overall management, the development of innovative pedagogical tools, the organization of workshops, and communication activities. Synergistic integration with previous projects, such as WAY and LAB, highlights the comprehensive and effective approach of the FEEL project to refugee inclusion.

In summary, FEEL represents a significant commitment to promote inclusion through careful management, the development of innovative pedagogical tools, and international and local workshops. This effort will contribute to improving support for educators and sharing best practices in the education sector, promoting fair and non-discriminatory education for refugees.

This is also reflected in the expected project outcomes, which include the Pedagogical Support Tool based on the holistic approach and a Best Practices Document documenting integration experiences, with a particular focus on the Ukrainian situation