Several actual and former interns of the participant organizations manifested different problems related to the effectiveness and the real impact of their traineeship/internship. At the same time policy-makers, responsible to shape youth policies, need more informations about the extent and the dimension of these problems. MEET seeks to create a link between them in order to discuss about these issues and find potential solutions to improve interns’ conditions. Thanks to the large number of interns hosted and placed by the partner organizations, the consortium develepod the following steps, so as to make possible the dialogue between the young people and Policy Makers within the framework of the Structured Dialogue:
– Preparation Activities (online debate):“Innopia Idea Portal” will be the platform where young people will open the instances, discuss the problems, develop proposals and rank them. Moreover, they will set the agenda of the meeting in order to drive the discussion with policy makers. The webPortal has the capability to allow them to vote the best recommendation so as the selection will be automatically done by them. The applicant will provide to upload several documents, policies, programmes and other material in order to facilitate the discussion and to raise their awareness about the EU policies in the field of education and training.At least 100 interns will be participating in this project during the online debate and 32 out of them will join the policy makers in Brussels.
– Implementation Activities (transnational meeting, open discussion, working groups): After the selection of the candidates, the partner will organize the travel and the meeting in Brussels will last three days. Young people will have the opportunity to discuss among them about how to deal the debate with policy-makers, to meet them and ask their questions. Finally, they will be supported by the participant organizations to develop and draft some recommendations and policy papers to deliver to the policy makers.
– Follow-up & Evaluation Activities (online debate): After the meeting the applicant will submit a questionnaire in order to evaluate the level of satisfaction of the participants, meanwhile, young people will continue to discuss and to disseminate the results of the transnational meeting to the other users. A final evaluation will be provided and presented to the participant organizations during the final online meeting.
All the activities will be led by young people in order to increase their responsibility and their direct involvement to a democratic participation activity.
The result will be young people awareness rising of youth policies implemented at EU level. On the other side, policy-makers will be enabled to better understand some of the challenges faced by the interns.Both the interns and the participant organizations will work together to better developing concrete provisions for the European Label for Quality Internship.
Young people will increase their engagement in democratic life, they will develop their multicultural approach, their English language and their ICT skills through the use of the platform.The webPortal “Innopia Idea Portal” can be used also after the end of the project for other issues making the project idea sustainable for the long-period.
MEET will contribute to improve the link between education and the labour market providing usefull guidelines and recommendations made by the interns with the aim to improve the effectiveness of training activities in the future.
The project may represent a starting point for a future larger project in this field and its outcome may become an important relevant source for the coming development of EU Youth Strategy.