Youth for Europe Project


Youth for Europe project aims at promoting European Citizenship among young people of Europe.


Joint (applicant) and Kora (monitoring partner) from Italy, DGT from Romania, Vilagjaro from Hungary, Jugend-& Kulturprojekt e.V. from Germany,Momentum World from UK, Brujula Intercultural from Spain, ECEPAA from Belgium (as Advocacy expert).

Youth Exchanges

The general structure of the Youth Exchanges will be common. After team building and intercultural learning activities the facilitators will stimulate a debate and will present the regulations and policies at EU level on the topic of the exchange. Participants will work in little groups to develop proposals to change the current situation or initiatives to support/modify it. In the meanwhile participants will participate in workshops on entrepreneurial skills, civic education, advocacy and public speaking (or story telling). The proposals of the participants will be presented in the final event of the exchange in a Talk Show format where local policy makers and institutions will participate and contribute to the debate. Then a video promoting the contents of the EU policies/regulations and with the presentation of the proposals will be created to promote the outcomes of the exchange.


After each youth exchange the national groups will organize a dissemination events in the community. The project will raise awareness on EU policies and will foster actively participation of young people who are not politically active in EU policy. It will support the capacity of partners to implement advocacy actions and to develop platform. This website will give the chance to young people and youth organisations to find info and to debate on EUpolicies and will host the promotional videos created for all Youth Exchanges with the young people proposals’ and will raise awareness on EU policies.


1.Improve young people’s knowledge about EU action and policies

2.Raise awareness in young people, policy makers and stakeholders on the impact of international mobility activities and of Non Formal Education to develop European and active citizenship

3.Train Youth Leaders in Civic Education and Advocacy to act as multipliers with youth in their local communities and beneficiaries of their organisations, as well as act as moderators for the online platform

4.Capacitate communication officers in each organisation to provide visibility to the project, project managers to develop relations with policy makers and institutions and YE officers to develop high quality exchanges

5.Organise activities which will put young people in the condition to participate actively in public life

6.Provide young people with the skills and channels to have their voice heard

7.Educate young people to their civic duties in society, at local, national and European level

8.Provide intercultural learning and peer to peer education opportunities to young people training them to initiate their initiatives and projects

9.Establish an informal network of organisations which can support young people in their active participation

10.Provide information and foster debate about the EU and European parliament proposals which are of interest to young people and the future of Europe

11.Provide young people theopportunity to interact with policy makers and representatives of the EC and EP