Transnational Cooperation Between Universities in Europe

Interested organisations can now apply for a new Erasmus Plus call to pilot a joint European degree label and test institutionalised EU cooperation instruments, such as a possible European legal status for alliances of higher education institutions, in the perspective of facilitating deeper transnational cooperation between universities in Europe.

Topic 1: Pilot a joint European degree label

The label would

  • recognise the value of innovative transnational learning experiences
  • increase the visibility, attractiveness and reputation, both in Europe and beyond, of such joint programmes provided by alliances of European higher education institutions
  • be issued as a complementary certificate to the qualifications obtained by students graduating from joint programmes delivered in the context of transnational cooperation between several higher education institutions

Based on the results of this preparatory work, the Commission will report to the Council of the European Union on the way forward towards a possible joint degree based on co-created European criteria, building on the instruments of the Bologna Process.

Budget: €1,000,000

Purpose: support development and piloting to implement European criteria on awarding a joint European degree label

Topic 2: Pilot institutionalised EU cooperation instruments to explore the feasibility for a possible European legal status for alliances of higher education institutions

These steps would give alliances, on a voluntary basis, the latitude to act together, make common strategic decisions, experiment with joint recruitment, design joint curricula or pool resources and human, technical, data, education, research and innovation capacities.

Budget: €1,000,000

Purpose: support the piloting of existing European instruments to facilitate deeper, long-term flexible transnational cooperation among higher education institutions

Additional Information

This Call is part of the Erasmus Plus programme, and opened back on 15 June 2022. It builds on the European strategy for universities, presented by the European Commission on 18 January 2022.
The deadline to submit your proposal is 6 October 2022, 17.00 CEST.

To apply, see the Funding & Tenders dedicated page.