The partners of the “ESC-2-Learn” strategic partnership (AMSED (France), Solidarity Tracks (Greece) and ATA (Romania)) have been welcoming young volunteers for a long time, and on the basis of that, they faced various difficult situations such as lack of initiative of the volunteer to set up an activity, lack of specific skills to carry out the tasks of volunteering or to manage situations of conflict during their service and stressful situations in the face of uncertainty after the period of volunteering.

According to it, e-learning shows up as an effective and economical additional means, that provides training and support to volunteers.

It is an ideal tool for the dissemination of knowledge and the promotion of a commonly and socially constructed understanding. For these reasons, the consortium has created ESC2LEARN, an online training platform to support remote volunteers.

ESC2LEARN Online Training Platform for Volunteers

ESC2LEARN is an online training platform to support volunteers and provide training and support through 30 e-modules on various topics related to volunteering.

On the website it is possible to:

The partners are also asking to fill out a questionnaire to evaluate the experience of using the e-learning platform, to any organisation that deals with volunteers and volunteering projects.

Fill out the survey.

The purpose of this evaluation is to improve the existing project.