From October 2 to 5, 2023, Turin, Italy hosted the first transnational meeting of the Erasmus+ project, “Fostering RefugEEs inclusion – FEEL”. The project ( is geared towards equipping educators, school leaders, and youth/migrant organization professionals, with enhanced tools to seamlessly integrate individuals, particularly Ukrainians, into both the educational system and the broader local community.

The event commenced with an engaging introduction of the participating organizations (E.K. Katerinis – Greece, Ecepaa – Belgium, AMECE – Italy, Spsek – Czech Republic), setting the stage for an action-packed agenda. Project coordinator Gabriele Sospiro from Belgium provided invaluable insights into FEEL’s core objectives, drawing heavily from the achievements of the concluded WAY project (

In the afternoon, a riveting study visit led the group to Sermig-Arsenale (, an important place for development and solidarity, with a special emphasis on youth. This vibrant organization relies on the support of a dedicated army of volunteers and sponsors.

Day two was abuzz with discussions on the discovery of best practices in the participating countries concerning the education and assimilation of Ukrainian immigrants. The roadmap for upcoming research, involving surveys and interviews, took shape, alongside the initial blueprint for a toolkit designed to empower those involved.

E.K. Katerinis, entrusted with spearheading the project’s results, outlined the strategy for seamless partner communication and wide-scale dissemination of outcomes. To cap it off, a representative from the Municipality of Turin unveiled their progressive policies and practices for nurturing the integration of Ukrainian immigrants, particularly children, into local society.

Mark your calendars for the next partner rendezvous in Katerini, Greece in January 2024, and for more detailed project information, visit the official website ( Let’s keep the momentum going!