The year of 2019 has started in the best way for ECEPAA!

Indeed, after a long period of silence, ECEPAA is more than ready to get back on track!

Just to refresh your memory about us…

We are pretentious and committed to orientate the pertinent choice of policies that are accomplished by the implementation of projects aiming the community, projects of research, and, last but far from least, of advocacy. These three pillars pay special attention to research, education, youth, migration, entrepreneurship, and culture and social inclusion.

Many things have been accomplished at the headquarters of the Belgian non-profit organization ECEPAA since its foundation in 2010. The same is true, though, for conquests and activities realized abroad, too, with the cooperation and partnership of many other non-profit organizations, foundations, and associations. The decision of rearrangement and reaffirmation of ECEPAA’s pillars, aims, and fields of operation could not take place without also making it be noticed through its online platforms and reflecting on its stakeholders and partners. 

ECEPAA stands out with an interdisciplinary mix of competences: from writing projects to their implementations; from field research to briefing policies. Such development of those were also possible thanks to relationships whose construction happened over the years, allowing a discreet interaction through the European institutions. Our non-profit organization is hence a trustworthy and responsible partner with expertise in specific areas. We are designed for elaborating project proposals to be submitted to key European institutions and/or becoming a valuable partner for disseminating others’ projects. Along with that, there is even the possibility of gathering up the involved with officials or representatives of European institutions. As times went by since its foundation, ECEPAA acted as both leading and/or partner participants in about twenty (20) projects—and those comprehended events some of which European Parliaments members attended.

OK then… now that we all have a clearer overview about ECEPAA and its past, what about its future?

Well, we are willing to achieve great goals such as;

  • To consolidate ECEPAA project management position in fields of Research Education, Youth, Migration, Entrepreneurship, Culture and Social Inclusion, as well as to developing its research and communication skills;
  • To expand its lobbying activities.

Our organization is looking forward to having all of stakeholders and partners, as we also invite all of those whom are sensitized by our core values. ECEPAA has been always eager to involve the community so its proper position in conducting projects for the community is fulfilled, whereas research is always taken to the next level.

How will Ecepaa achieve these amazing goals?

To do that, Ecepaa has started a deep changes and introduced great news regarding:

    • Logo
    • Web site design
    • Social Media management
    • Newsletter content and style
    • Blog

For us, to be in line with time is a fundamental aspect. In this sense, our biggest change concerns the new website. Indeed, the new logo and the innovative design reflect the future of ECEPAA, a fresh and new one! Let us know what do you think about it!

What else?

In this new page of ECEPAA’s life, we have decided to inaugurate our first Blog. This article is the first of a long list of future ones!

We will write one new article every two weeks. You are not going to get bored with us 🙂

From now on, we are going to be Social Media friendly as never before!

Have you already taken a look on our new YouTube page? If you have not yet, no worries, click here and let us know about what you think about our contents and new graphics!

Of course, similar changes are also related to our Facebook and Twitter pages! We will keep you updated about what is going on 😉

We really hope that you are going to appreciate all these exciting changes.

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Comment here below by sharing with us your thoughts and Feedback! They are fundamental to us 🙂