Work in the field of apprenticeships and VET? Interested in creating quality and effective apprenticeships?

The European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA) presents the EAfA Podcast, a four-episode series that explores themes and topics related to EAfA priorities and key objectives:

  • supply,
  • quality,
  • image, and
  • mobility.

European Alliance for Apprenticeships

The European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA) unites governments and key stakeholders with the aim of strengthening the quality, supply and overall image of apprenticeships across Europe, while also promoting the mobility of apprentices. These aims are promoted through national commitments and voluntary pledges from stakeholders.

In July 2020, the European Commission launched the renewed EAfA as part of the Youth Employment Support Package. The reinforced alliance calls for new commitments on digital and green apprenticeships, focusing on the economic sectors that will be at the front line of the transition to a climate-neutral Europe.

If you wish to know more, visit the website.

The EAfA Podcast

The EAfA Podcast is by now composed of 3 episodes and available for free on Spotify.

  1. Episode 1 | Boosting attractiveness of apprenticeship | How can the overall image and attractiveness of apprenticeships be enhanced across Europe? That’s the focus of our second episode, which explores what can be done to improve the image of apprenticeships, including targeted measures through information-provision, promotional activities, and role models.
  2. Episode 2 | Objectives | Ana explains the objectives behind the EAfA podcast and what you can expect from the four-episode series
  3. Episode 3 | Apprenticeship – an effective pathway to career success | The year 2022 marks the European Year of Youth! How apprenticeships become an effective pathway to career success for young people? In this episode, the European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, Nicolas Schmit, joins us to explain the idea behind the European Year of Youth and how the EU is supporting Member States in tackling youth unemployment. The Commissioner also discusses the benefits of apprenticeships and how key actors, including apprentices, play a role in providing quality and effective apprenticeships across the EU.