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Our group is made by qualified young professionals, experts and trainees with multidisciplinary skills. 
Each person provides an added value to the team.

Gabriele Sospiro: ECEPAA's co-founder and current director. Half Italian and half African (Ethiopian and Eritrean). Born in Ethiopia, moved to Italy and then to Brussels. Obtained a PhD in Social Science from the University of Urbino, Italy, after having spent nearly a year at University of Pennsylvania, US. I am a senior specialist in policy areas such as African institutions, migration, employment, education, labour markets, and youth with migrant backgrounds. I've managed European projects since 2000 and i've also researched migration issue extensively. Mad for checklist and GTD (Getting Things Done)!

Blerian Bagllamaja: I've a political science background. And i'm  co-writer of several European proposal.
Currently, i'm the project manager of “Strengthen Cooperation Among Young People” a KA2 project funded by Belgian National Agency BIJ.
I've expertise in migration, intercultural dialogue and active citizenship areas. I've also a good knowledge of non-formal and informal education.

Arvin EslamiM.Sc. in Social Psychology at the University of Florence (Italy) with a thesis research on migrants' multiple national identities carried out at the University of Malta.
Born in Middle East and raised in Europe, he developed a deep interest in the situation of migrant and asylum seeker, intercultural encounters, social empowerment, and labelling theory.
Specialized in social communication and scientific translation, he works as an independent contractor with SMEs, research institutes, and associations with social aims. He has been performing voluntary service by helping migrants in integrating into the European community since 2010.
He is currently working on social projects which are consistent with the EU policies with a primary interest in marginalisation, identity, and active citizenship in the European context. Areas of professional expertise and personal interests include project management, social research, IT, psychological counselling, non-formal and informal education, creativity, marketing, and labour market.
With a view to contribute to the development of a European multicultural identity, he devotes his work to learning new skills and using them to achieve socially useful goals.

Vittorio Lannutti:PhD in Social Science. I have planned and worked on several projects funded by the EU whilst I have also carried out multiple researches on the migration phenomenon. I have authored and co-authored several articles, essays, and books related to migration. My main research areas are: identity paths of second generation immigrants, integration of immigrant women as well as both migration and welfare policies.
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